Blogger runs for Mayor. With no money.

One of my favorite bloggers, J Wynia, has decided he's going to run for Mayor of the Minneapolis suburb he's been living in for the last year - Brooklyn District Center.

Now, I've never heard of Brooklyn District Center. I've never been even close to setting foot in Minneapolis, but I have heard of J Wynia...

I've blogged about a few of his previous adventures before: once when he did his RSS uberuser screencast, another when he built his 'record your own attention toolkit' and another when he experimented with OPML sampling.

In this latest experiment, J Wynia is going to document (blog) his 'going for Mayor' experience - from filling out the paperwork, to building out his /policies / platform to describing how his campaign fairs while not spending money on it (apart from the $5 in order to file and run).

I'll be following this with interest and hope to learn a little about the political process in the US.  I might even get to know what the 'J' stands for ;-) ...Good luck J Wynia!