Blogging for the masses

Microsoft Monitor:

"While highly anecdotal, my 10-year-old daughter is an interesting case study of what could happen to other people. On Saturday, after getting back from a sleepover, my daughter got to use near-final MSN Messenger 7 code I installed last week. Almost immediately after opening the new IM, she asked, "What’s My Space, dad?" She had seen the new blogsite icon/link in MSN Messenger 7. I explained she could make a blogsite. My daughter didn't know a blog from a hog, but she could understand the concept of a personal Website.

She jumped to the task with no parental prodding and shoed me away whenever I offered to help. She created posts and added slideshows, without assistance. Heck, if MSN Spaces lowers the blog bar enough for a 10 year old, what about grownups? There is some household debate about the reposting of the pictures she lifted from anime fan Websites. She reasons that if IE or the Website lets her copy a picture, it’s OK to do so and to repost. Without prompting from me, her first post asked people not to copy pics without permission. Testimonial to anime's popularity, my lowly My Spaces site had three pages views this week compared to 91 for my daughter's. A 10 year old!"