Blogging is no longer cool

What happens when 'blogging is no longer cool'?"

Dana asks this question in the context of consumer marketing and the effect of moving fashions...

"The whole 'blog thing' couldn't be much more in your face that it is. It's in business, politics, on the news, everyone everywhere is talking about blogs.

What happens when 'blogging is no longer cool'..." ?

I don't take issue with Dana's overall point (about marketers needing to move with, or anticipate the market) but I do wonder...

Is blogging cool? Was it ever cool? Is it already uncool? If you speak to the early bloggers (3 years+), many will say it became uncool ages ago. But they still blog.

If you are blogging because you think it's cool, fine. But because something becomes uncool, does it mean you should stop? If having a mobile phone was at one stage cool, did the early 'cool' mobile phone owners ditch their phones when it became 'uncool'?

Having an email address was once cool. When my grandmother got one, she might have become a cool gran, but at some point having an email address became no longer a cool thing. It is just became necessary.

If a bunch of CEO's start blogging, should we stop? Or politicians? Grandmothers?

Earlier this month, Jupiter analyst Nate Elliot noted:

"I thought 2004 was the year of the blog. Looks like 2005 will be the year of the overexposure of the blog."

So what? Do you really care if blogging is uncool? If it is, I'm very happy being uncool.