Blogging platforms vs CMS platforms

James Governor, analyst at Redmonk discusses the topic of intra-blogware
triggered by news that Lotus has lost to a blogware outfit in a
blogging platform pitch. Correctly in my view, he advises
Microsoft and others to take note:

"One other thing that struck me is the fact that this is another case of
a blogging platform beating Lotus in a competitive situation. I recently
pointed to a Moveable Type win
at Acatel, also against Lotus

...I should stress again that this is an outlier rather than a full-blown trend. On
the other hand, it should become increasingly clear to IBM, Microsoft and other
content management, portal and collaboration players, that something is afoot.
As RedMonk has argued before, blogs and wikis can in many cases functionally
replace large scale content management and messaging platforms."


"Some of the Web developers I work with are already building some great Web sites run on Movable Type, the software LexBlog
has modified to run our clients blog sites. Say goodbye to high priced
Web sites built on expensive date base content management systems."