CIO Jury: Corporates get blogging bug


"While the phenomenon of web logs – or blogging – as it's more commonly known, has largely been confined to internet-savvy enthusiasts, IT business leaders are starting to wake up to its business potential.

A blogging conference in the US last month claimed it is breaking into the enterprise so we asked our panel of CIOs and IT directors if blogging does have a place in the business world."

Companies mentioned in the article include Tesco, Manpower, The Guardian, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein and Legal & General.

Related, Business Week article 'Don't Quote My Blog on That' (Via David Winer again):

"It's usually the reporters who stir up speculation about potential corporate mergers and acquisitions, while the grey suits in the corporate world sternly remind the media that they don't comment on such matters.

This natural order was upended on Aug. 1, when a senior executive at hardware and software maker Sun Microsystems whipped up speculation that Sun would acquire software maker Novell In his Aug. 1 posting to Jonathan's Blog, Sun President Jonathan Schwartz noted that whoever owns Novell holds the key to IBM's future."