Create BOT for Live Messenger, win cool stuff.

Via Frank La Vigne - if you're into AIs and help / KB systems here is just the challenge for you (devs and ISVs from around the world are eligable, not just US, which is nice...)

"Robots or "BOTs", are software programs that you can add to MSN® Messenger and Windows Live™ Messenger. If you add a robot to your contact list, it can chat, give you customer service support, perform searches, make suggestions, play games and more.

We’re looking for the best new robot ideas for Messenger. And $40,000 in fantastic prizes go to the top BOTs!"

The prizes are cool - top prize is this Alienware MJ-12 7550 Workstation (worth around $10K). There are some sample BOTs to play with. Check out "W" BOT ...


Now, if IM BOTS ain't your thang and Robotics is, then check out Ernie Booth's post with a bunch of links to Microsoft Robotics Studio stuff (btw, I never thought I'd see this url: !)