Digital Image Suite 2006 free trial for download now

I have a personal copy of Digital Image Suite 2006 and use almost daily. It has a whole bunch of editing features for pics and the library-type functionality for quick viewing (including video), organizing and sorting.

Why am I telling you this random bit of information? I justnoticed 60-day downloadable full-feature trial has been made available, so if you're looking for photo-editor with a load of filters you should at least try it out. Full price is around $50.

  "System Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000; Windows 98 Second Edition; Windows ME; Windows XP

Microsoft Digital Image Starter Edition 2006
• Multimedia PC with Pentium 700 MHz or higher processor
• 256 MB of RAM
• 300 MB of available hard-disk space
• Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 software required
• Super VGA monitor (800x600, 16-bit color or better)
• 1 MB of Video RAM
• Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device
• Video support requires Windows Media Player 10.0"