Enter the Grid

Mary Jo Foley has a 'scoop' at Microsoft Watch:

"Microsoft is working on a skunk-works project that is code-named Bigtop, which is designed to allow developers to create a set of loosely coupled, distributed operating-systems components in a relatively rapid way, according to sources close to the company, who requested anonymity."

The BSphere reacts...

Frankie Fresh (!) comments:

"Obviously, there's more than one grid computing initiative going on within Microsoft and, of course, there are a few initiatives outside the company, most notably Project Alchemi (PDF).  Project Alchemi is an initiative of the Australian academic community backed by Microsoft. The project got a write up in eWeek and despite rumors of its demise, is still going on strong like Mister Cee. You can even play with your own private grid for free. Windows-based grid computing projects are big deals, since it's mostly the Linux crowd that's been playing around with them."

Jan Tielins:

"Although it seems that we have to wait some time (a few years?) for BigTop, it's good to know that MS is working on it!"

David Coursey at eWeek:

"I'd like to think "Bigtop" is a reflection of Microsoft's desire to do something really new and different for its customers. It's not as new and different, perhaps, as I'd like. But for Microsoft, the concept of grid computing represents a significant change in thinking."


"But despite all of the progress, grid computing has a long road ahead; deliverables are not expected until several years from now."

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