Folksonomy ≠Emergent Tags

David Weinberger has revisited the term 'folksonomy' and realised it did not quite mean what he thought it meant. He thought it meant:

"I had been thinking that a folksonomy is one way order emerges from such set of tags: Some are more popular than others. In fact (I'd thought), if you really want a folksonomy to develop, you give people some feedback about how others are tagging the same or similar objects. (Thomas has a useful distinction between broad and narrow folksonomies that applies here.) That feedback causes further crystallization around particular terms. There are other, non-folksonomic ways order may emerge, including using heuristics to cluster tags."

David, I think what you've described here is what Joshua Porter meant when he defined Emergent Tags.

Tags: Folksonomy, Tags, Emergent Tags