Good luck Niall :-(

Well, I just read Niall's post explaining that he is leaving Microsoft. Niall was recruited in April to help the Windows Live team build an RSS / Atom based syndication platform for consumption across devices.

Like Scoble, I'm sorry to see Niall go. Niall really grokks the RSS / syndicated space and its potential - Microsoft will miss his talents.

I don't know what the ins-and-outs are regarding his decision, but Valleywag has a quick 'exit' interview with him, shedding a little more light on his reasons for leaving and Kevin, a friend of Niall's seems to sum up the situation in Niall's case:

"The startup is the thing my friends. It's a lot easier to convince the market that your idea is brilliant than it is to appease the gods inside Microsoft."

What a pity :-(

 Good luck Niall, whatever you get up to.


Update: Techmeme going bonkers on this.