Google Local goes Mobile

Search Engine Watch: Google Debuts Local Mobile:

"The new service, available now at , is very similar to the local search service available via personal computer. "There are some differences between cell phone and [personal computer] results, but not enough in this particular instance to impact users," said Georges Harik, director of product management for Google."

Reuters: Google Unveils Mobile Local Search:

"Google's local search service for mobile will be available in the United States and Canada...starting Tuesday morning.

Google's mobile local search service does not currently carry ads." Google Local Results Go Mobile:

"Google Local builds its database from yellow pages and addresses extracted from Google's search engine.

"On several of our searches, Google Local indicated the wrong city and even state, although the street address was fine. For instance, when we asked for pizza in our Manhattan zip code (10016), its first result was a Dominos on 3rd Avenue in New Providence, NJ. New Providence is about 30 miles away, but there is, in fact, a Dominos on 3rd Avenue less than a mile from our office. You can get driving directions to any business that Google finds, although if the address is not completely correct, the directions will be wrong. If your device supports it, though, you can click on the phone number in the results to call the business."

Inside Google:

Here's an image of it in action, from Google's FAQ :

Do all this on a Smartphone ;-)