Google phone or phoney?

via Techdirt:

"The Times Online in the UK has announced, definitively, that the only possible reason why Google might be searching for such a person is because Google "is set to launch a free telephone service that links users via a broadband internet connection using a headset and home computer." The Times does not appear to have a shred of evidence to actually support this claim, other than the job posting, and some random speculation from analysts. However, they seem quite sure that there could be no other explanation for the search for dark fiber. It seems that the Times may be a victim of a big internet-based game of telephone, interpreting bits of information that passed from site to site to conclude that Google is somehow about ready to launch their own phone system."

Could it have nothing to do with phones, but as Net Imperative suggests, bandwith management?:

"However, search engine expert Mike Grehan says Google's desire for a network specialist may simply be down to the fact that "it has to has to distribute 30 terabytes of data around the globe in order to remain current in their network of data centres."

"I don't know about them going into the phone business. But it would make sense to have their own data distribution network," he added.""