Hacking Memeorandum 101

Tara has some advice for the Memeorandum 'star' wannabees, a 5 point plan:

  1. Get quoted saying something quite controversial
  2. Squawk about the quote
  3. Get a whole bunch of attention for squawking about that quote
  4. Watch your Memeorandum star rise
  5. Wish you had just shut up in the first place 'cause nobody but you would have probably even noticed it

Now I'd say that even the suggestion of hacking Memeorandum is controversial enough to cause some dismay. 'You see! Is just an algorithm!!' I hear the cry.

So, Tara's post arguably meets the first part of the plan, as does me quoting her here.

Now, Step 2: here's the squawk: Aaaaahhh! Memeorandum is just getting hacked by people who want to get on to Memeorandum! What good is that??? Grrr.

There. Squawk over.

Step 3 of the plan is up to you. Quote Tara and / or me. Point to this post and to mine (the Memeorandum algorithm likes cross-linking), agree or disagree and 'add value' to the conversation as Robert would put it - you're not going the make a Memeorandum star by just 'Yes, I agree', or 'Nope, that's a pile of pants'. You need to 'add that value': 'I think she's right because of blah' - 'I think he's talking drivel due to the fact that blah' - whatever it is. And then you need to get pointed to by someone in order for the Memeorandum juice to kick in.

With Step 3 complete, you should see Step 4 - now you've 'arrived'.

Then, like me now, Step 5 kicks in.

For no particular reason other than Tara did so, I recommend adding the suprcilious tag. I'm adding another: self-referential. Sorry, no screencast today (although if it works, you never know).

Screencast and general update available here.