How many feeds do you subscribe to?

How many RSS feeds do people subscribe to?  This is one of the questions Wolfgang Bartelme asked his blog (feed?) readers and he's got 86 responses so far.

As Chris points out the average seems number of feeds being subscribed to as reported within Wolfgang's comments seem to be in the 100-200 region. Compare this to the average of 6.6 feeds that the Yahoo research reported last year - "Aware RSS Users" subscribe to 6.6 feeds (btw, "Aware RSS users" are those than realize they are subscribing to RSS vs. those who subscribe but don't realize they are).

Another thing to note: a large proportion of Wolfgang's responses are OSX users.

Of course, the sample is small and clearly skewed (OSX users, blog commenters, "Aware RSS users", etc), but I hope Wolfgang collates the data and reports back - the data could throw more light on all the 'edge cases' debate.

So I'll ask you, how many feeds do you subscribe to?


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