Instant IM Translation and other winners

The Made In Express Contest is reaching its conclusion - there are a total of 10 finalists' projects and now it is time to pick the winners...Who will win? Well, that's really up to you.

My personal favorite is the Instant IM Translation. I confess - I've not played with the app - but the idea works for me. In Ali Kalid's own words:

"I have a friend in France whose english is not so good, so whenever we are talking on the MSN Messenger, I copy what ever he says, paste it into a translation service, then type my reply in english, translate it into French and copy it back in MSN Messenger. What I would love to work on would be to make a plug-in for MSN Messenger or use the MSN Messenger SDK to build a new messenger which will use a free Web service for translation, and do all of the above things automatically, so that he will see only french in his IM and i will see only English in my IM."

(Imagine that...I'd actually understand what my wife was saying! - when IM'ing in Flemish of course...)

So, Ali went off and built it (source code and installation guide here). Here are the other 9 projects to choose from..... Go on, vote!