Invented conflicts

Love this post by Adobe's John Nack, regarding some recent articles claiming Microsoft's Acrylic is a Photoshop/Flash/Illustrator/FreeHand/Fireworks/etc killer.

"If I were Microsoft, I'd be deflecting these assertions like crazy. Why? Because
they set unrealistic, misleading expectations that end up reflecting poorly on
new products. ...It's also false to assume that new apps need or want to kill others. I was a
Flash developer in the late '90s, so when Adobe offered me the chance to work on
LiveMotion, I jumped at the chance. Did I want to "kill" Flash? Of course not! ...So, back to the
subject at hand
. I think Macromedia's John Dowdell said
it well
: of course Microsoft will create tools to target its next-gen OS;
it's not a zero-sum game; and different strokes serve different folks.

As Max Fischer would say, The killin's gotta stop."

Welcome to the party John!!