IRSS - Individualized RSS

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend Rok Hrastnik's RSS Industry Night Roundtable (Rok invited me but I couldn't make it - he got way better than me - I put him in touch with Sanaz Ahari of and Sean Lyndersay of the Microsoft RSS team who are at the Syndicate conference in SF).

Looks like I missed a very interesting discussion on the topic of IRSS - Individualized RSS which allows marketers to track, customize and personalize RSS feeds.

The group identified three types of IRSS:

  • Metric Enabled (using unique URLs to identify unique users, but their content and structure are always the same)
  • Customized Feeds (carry different content items for different users. The content items themselves are the same, but different users will get different items)
  • Personalized Feeds (content items may differ, for example by including the name of the recipient and data unique to that recipient)

Rok has more of the details at his summary post.