Jack Ozzie on RSS: Why SSE?

Jack Ozzie (Ray's brother) has just posted his first, er, post since joining Microsoft. It is all about RSS + SSE and provides some info on a mailing list and achives so you can join the spec conversation. I hope to read his thoughts on OPML soon...

Jack also provides a few scenarios that could be enabled through Simple Sharing Extentions in RSS:

"Sharing. The “so what?” of SSE is that it extends RSS and OPML from unidirectional to bidirectional information flows. Let’s just focus on calendaring for now. There are three layers of calendar today: 1) Private/personal, 2) A group, and 3) A public calendar for events and schedules to which individuals or groups can subscribe. The ability to subscribe to a public event calendar is certainly useful, and a step forward. But it’s still just a one-way exchange of data. We believe SSE addresses a larger problem that our customers have today. For example, why do your work and family calendars have to be separate? With SSE you could share your work calendar with your spouse. If your calendar were published as an SSE feed, changes to your work calendar could be replicated to your spouse’s calendar, and vice versa. As a result, your spouse could see your work calendar and add new appointments, such as a parent-teacher meeting, or a doctor’s appointment. Moreover, SSE could be used to replicate a set of calendar entries among a group of people, each working in a different company and using different infrastructure."

Tags: sse rss syndication, opml