Jim Alchin and his blogging dinner

Jim Alchin, Microsoft's co-president of Platform Products & Services Division, had the opportunity to meet some of San Francisco's smartest bloggers at a dinner organized by Robert Scoble.

Tara Hunt, one of the attendees posted:

"Somehow, I got added to this very intimate list of people to go for dinner with Jim Allchin and see a demo of MS Vista yesterday evening. I didn't know who the other attendees would be, either, so the entire evening was shrouded in a sort of mystery. Then there was that deal about the blogging embargo...

...We arrived on time and saw Thomas Hawk in the lobby. The next people to arrive were Tony Gentile ( Healthline ), John Tokash ( Homestead Technologies ), Beth Goza ( Second Life ) and Phillip Torrone (PT from Make Magazine )...I wondered more and more why the heck I was there. When Mena Trott ( Six Apart ) walked in, I was sure I was in the wrong place altogether."

John Tokash:

"I imagined I would meet some people whose interests were similar to mine and I’d get to hang out with a hugely successful and influential leader from Microsoft.

Instead, I found heated discussions, people whose opinions differed from mine as often as we agreed and conversations that popped up organically, rarely chosen by Jim and friends.

...We talked about DRM for a long time. Noone at the table felt that DRM as it exists now is workable."


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