JupiterResearch: RSS will not have a significant effect to e-mail marketing

According to DMNews, JupiterResearch claims RSS will not have a significant effect as a supplemental alternative to e-mail marketing. (Via eINFO)

""Most marketers remain skeptical of using RSS as a mechanism to supplement their e-mail marketing newsletter content," states the report written by JupiterResearch's David Daniels, Zori Bayriamova and Eric T. Peterson."

From the Jupiter report...:

"45 percent of marketers have no plans to deploy RSS to supplement e-mail, and only 5 percent currently do so. The findings were based on a recent executive survey."

In December a WordBiz research report claimed that although 74% of email marketers are 'familiar' with the term 'RSS', only about 37% had downloaded an RSS feed reader subscribed to a web-based reader, and a mere 23% read blogs via an RSS subscription.

Of course, which channels to use depends on the demographics of your audience, but having 45% of the professional marketing population saying they have no plans to utilise RSS is due to ignorance, not stupidity. Clearly, there is more education to do. A lot more


Here's Rok Hrastnik's bottom line...and I agree.

"While the report does serve' some relevant obstacles to wide-spread marketing adoption of RSS, it mostly shows a poor understanding of RSS by marketers."

Seth Godin quips:

"New Jupiter study shows that big time marketers aren't excited about it....Which gives the rest of us more time to get it right. Hurry, before the spammers show up!"