LibraryThing - it's not just about getting YOUR data IN...

Good to see LibraryThing getting a nice write up in the WSJ (via techmeme)

I've mentioned the service before as a good example of how you can get the data out that you put in.

This is my profile on the site and a page of my catalog. As part of my learning a few SQL Server things, I got the data out as a CSV, normalized the data, and shlapped it into the db did a few bits and bobs step is to whack the db online and add a REST based API into my data. Why? 'Cause I can!!! (Better - for Tim Spalding to provide APIs so I don't have to. That is after his servers have calmed down...).

Tim Jarret and this BoingBoing post both think getting your data in is cool + the social stuff.

And that is cool. But the coolest Thing about LibraryThing is you can get your data out once it's in.