Martin Heidegger is a complete lunatic

The Mebourne Philosopher lets loose on Martin Heidegger.

"Martin Heidegger is a complete lunatic. While at first glance he seems to be saying something deeply meaningful, deep down he's quite superficial. This is almost impossible to realise because he is using the power of language against you. In fact, he opens his nearly impossible to understand book with a kind of twenty page disclaimer about how you couldn't possibly understand anything he is about to say unless you already understand it. Furthermore, you can't even understand *that* until you understand exactly what he means by understanding anyway. Which is very useful."

Two things MP....

Firstly, and as I'm sure you know, Heidegger died in 1976. I can't agree that he is a complete lunatic, although I might be convinced that he was. Don't get taken in by his existentialist pitch.

Second, it is worth pointing out that it is not just philosophers who got/gets away with doublespeak. What is one to make of the following Alan Greenspan quote, chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of the United States?:

"I guess I should warn you, if I turn out to be particularly clear, you've probably misunderstood what I've said" - Alan Greenspan (Speech to the Economic Club of New York, 1988)

Possible answer...Greenspan: The Mind of God, or Merely Omniscient?