Media Center notebook - what would you suggest?

Dear reader,

I need your help.

I'm looking to buy a laptop  / notebook as our super-duper Media Center machine at home (omg, did i really just say 'super-duper' ??) . You see, a cute little puppy killed our laptop with a pint of water.

dear puppy, in case you hadn't noticed, water and laptops don't mix well. please bear this in mind in future

(a very cute puppy. but I could have killed it.)

I looked around the usual suspects (Toshiba, Dell, Sony, etc) but wanted your advice too.

What I'm looking for:

  • A notebook
  • That will run MCE
  • with 17" or more screen
  • That will run Vista easily
  • Not 'super high-end' - budget is sub / or around US $2,000 (not more) including 2/3 year warranty and accidental damage cover
  • Weight - don't care. Reason I want notebook is not for lugging around on the road, but want room to room freedom
  • Record TV, etc
  • Enough storage to be useful, but not go crazy (I've got network storage)


What would you suggest?



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