Microsoft announces Live Labs

Dr. Gary Flake, Technical Fellow at Microsoft and the man responsible for bridging Microsoft Research (MSR) and MSN, announced Live Labs this morning at the MSN Search Champs event:

"Earlier today at the Search Champs event I announced the formation of Live Labs, an exciting new partnership between MSN and MSR. I also announced that Live Labs has sponsored a new set of academic research grants, 10 MSR PhD Fellowships, and the acquisition of SeaDragon, an innovative technology startup."

Here's the Live Labs site. It was really interesting presentation - the deck will be up online soon, I'll link to it when it is posted.

Richard MacManus over ZDNet seems pretty excited about the news:

"Microsoft is entering into a fascinating Internet-driven software era and - to my eyes - they are meeting the challenges head-on. It'll be interesting to see how they live up to the following words (at the end of the manifesto document)"

Richard has a some more links.


Update: Inside Microsoft has a post

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