Microsoft's Chief Identity Architect - ZDNet audio interview

Microsoft's Chief Identity Architect, Kim Cameron is interviewed by ZDNet's David Berlind, downloadable an as MP3.

The intro to the piece...

"Using words like "open" and "standards," Cameron is not only leaning on insiders at Microsoft, all the way up to Bill Gates, to mend fences and adopt more of an open position, he's leaning on the industry for an identity breakthrough. Until it does claims Cameron, technology will remain forever shackled from some of the most explosive growth that awaits it -- growth that he likens to a big bang.

...Cameron went deep, painting an easy to visualize picture of how the complex concept of digital identity works, what his immutable laws for it are, and why it's so important to solve the identity problem right now".

Passport gets discussed, as does its problems, lessons learnt and the subsequent re-thinking of concept of identity by Microsoft, as well as Laws of Identity as defined by Cameron. Excellent stuff.