More OPML experiments

Two cool OPML experiments I've come across this morning and wanted to point out.

OPML Cloud

The first is OPML Cloud, an Alex Bosworth creation. This OPML Cloud is an html + Ajax rendering of the Web 2.0 Workgroup OPML file:

The grey represents the start of a blog (it's title) and the blue headings after the grey are links to each blog's individual posts in chronological order. The order of the blogs is determined by the order within the OPML file.

What's nice is if I mouseover one of the items, then that post's content pops up:

I like it. Not sure how useful it is in its current format, but interesting nevertheless.


The second OPML experiment I played with this morning is Grazr, just launched as an alpha by Mike Kowalchik. Congrats Mike, I love it!!

Slap in any OPML url and its contents will render in an ajax window allowing surfing of that OPML. Here's my OPML file entered into Grazr:

My OPML file happens to contain other OPML files. I can traverse these right down to the item level:

What's cool is that you configure things like width, height and font size and then have it generate some javascript code so you can embed the browser into a web page / blog.

If you're reading this post from my blog, you can see this code included in my left hand side bar and rendered as a widget - see!

Happy OPMLing!


Adam Green blogged it last night and Dave blogged it this morning


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