MSN's RSS reader: your feedback wanted

MSN's Steve Rider is looking feedback for on the next version of the AJAX RSS readerĀ

"Our goal is still about aggregating the best of what you want on the web, like bookmarks, rss feeds, and news. But it also means that you should be able to write your own modules that you can have with you whenever and wherever, even on your phone, and you should be able to share them with your friends too. But this is the subject of another post :)

We've got a lot of features lined up, but here is a short list, so let's go..."

He's posted up a list of features to add (including the obvious OPML import/export support, phew!), but is looking for more ideas...

(via Information Overlord)

Update: Richard McManus has some ideas already:

"A few comments on this from moi:

1) It confirms that Microsoft definitely wants to be an aggregator - and not just of RSS feeds.

2) I like the sound of this "write your own modules" idea, although I'm not exactly sure what it means. Anything that lets the users create new things has got to be good.

3) What does "Roaming the page" mean?""

(good question Richard, I'd like to know too)...

"4) It's great that they'll add OPML import/export. As to my previous question of how the information management aspects of having a large set of RSS feeds will be handled, I noticed that Steve mentioned "folder creation" as one of the new features coming up. Perhaps will be competition for Bloglines and Rojo et al after all?"

5) Finally, good to hear that Firefox bugs will be addressed. Steve also pointed out that "we use Firefox too" - cool, they must be real geeks then! ;-)"