MSReadr (or, RoboScoble)

The Windows Live product teams have a number of blogs, some hosted on MSDN and others on MSN Spaces.

Now you can keep up with all these in any one of four ways.

1. Subscribe to a single feed Atom or RSS flavor) that aggregates the various posts

or, 2. Visit this web page (called MSReadr) that renders that feed content onto a single page ( also works ;-)

or, 3. Whack this OPML file into your feedreader.

or 4. Check out (it seems to have most of the Live team / individual blogs covered).

via Niall.

By the way, is the new developer center for Live stuff went, er, live last week. It is called Windows Live Dev. As a beta, of course.

Here is that site's feed (one of the feeds that appears to be missing from MSReadr).