My 2006 predictions

Right, enough cataloging of everyone else's 2006 predictions...with about 4 hours to go before the start of my 2006 (flakey drum roll please)...I now unveil my own, er, predictions...

My Eleven Techie / Web and One non-Techie 2006 Prediction(s)

  1. 2006 will be tagtastic and a big year for OPML 
  2. Sructured blogging will do well but not as well as it'll do in 2007
  3. My wife will start subscribing to websites and she won't know she's using RSS
  4. The first killer apps emerge using RSS + SSE (before end of June)
  5. Youtube will buzz right off the scale
  6. A new even-more-major 'Social Software' player will emerge out of nowhere
  7. Many more articles about attention data in the mainstream press like this one at the FT. Cries of 'I want my attention data!!' will be heard
  8. Tim Berners-Lee is will consistently evangelise the Semantic Web  - serious progress to be made this year
  9. Microformats will ride the coattails of the Semantic Web's progress
  10. will get noticed (it will this time, I nearly promise)
  11. More distribution of more data. New business mantra: "No APIs, no business" (or "No REST for the wicked")

12. One non-tech prediction: Everyone will have heard of Hard-Fi by end of next year (or a lot of people outside of the UK at least). Bring back that Ska!