My 6 predictions on microformats

Joshua Allen helped organize the microformats and structured blogging unofficial session at Mix this week with Marc Canter and Tantek.

Joshua has posted 6 predictions on the topic of microformats that are worth a read (thanks to Tommy for the pointer).

FWIW (inspired by Joshua) here are my six predictions on the topic:

    1. 2006 will be a hot year for microformats, but 2007 will be even hotter (am pointing to Chris as he was the first one to help me understand the significance - in a bar somewhere in San Francisco last year - thank you Chris).
    2. Most Microsoftees will not have heard of microformats nor know what they are by the end of 2006. But those Microsoftees that need to know, will.
    3. The OPML freaks will embrace microformats.
    4. Those who said structured blogging wouldn't take off will come around as they realize that using microformats in blogs is structured blogging
    5. Some people will say microformats won't take off, no matter what
    6. New microformat-based business will blossom over the next two years


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Chris drops by and provides a couple of good explanatory links:

Adam Green:

"Amen, brother. I got the chance to discuss this issue with Alex, Josh Porter and John Tropea in a recent podcast ."