My RSS Reader (FeedDemon) banned from Slashdot...the beginning of personalised RSS?

"Your RSS reader is abusing the Slashdot server. You are requesting pages more often than our terms of service allow. Please see the FAQ link for more information"

I'm apparently nailing the Slashdot servers with my RSS reader requests to the point that I have been now been officially banned (this is to be known as the Slashdot RSS U Have Been Banned But In a Personlaised Way Effect).

Dissapointing seeing as I only open up FeedDemon once or twice a day (and close app)...the explanation for the ban at Slashdot FAQs mentions proxy servers as being a possible reason for the ban...

"Due largely to the absolutely ridiculous amount of abuse we get on a daily basis from poorly implemented headline readers, we were forced to implement a much more liberal automated banning system on RSS/RDF headline reading applications. Our policy is to allow one request every 30 minutes. We'll allow a few more before you will get banned, and we are more flexible still with proxy servers. However, in many cases, we have no choice but to ban abuse.

You should still be able to access the rest of the website, just not the .rss, .rdf, and .xml pages.

You have 2 options: First is to stop beating the crap out of our servers, and just wait a few days/hours. Depending on the severity of the abuse, you should be back in a couple of days. If, after 72 hours, you are still banned, please Email and ask for help. Please include the approximate time of the ban, the MD5 that the ban message told you to tell us, and what you think your IP number is.

If you have reason to believe you're connecting through a proxy server, please mention that too -- and you might need to have your proxy server's admin contact us instead of you."

Is this the beginning of the end? How many other sites will start imposing these sorts of policies? 

Hold on. Is this the beginning of <really simple> personalised RSS? In order for me to recieve the message within my reader that I have been banned (I'm assuming that I received this while others didn't), it must know who I am (or my reader, or IP, is), right?  Let me know if I've read to much into this...