Nameplanet - my nomination for worst customer support

I'm going to nominate Nameplanet, a webmail provider Kate (my wife) uses, for the worst customer support for any online-based company.

Kate was unfortunate enough to delete her entire inbox after a new IA was launched. She's tried mutliple times to contact Nameplanet via email (there is no phone number) to see if they can restore the data, but the following same auto-response comes flying back:

"Hello, This email was auto generated to provide you information quickly. If it does not answer your question, please reply to this email and keep the subject line intact.

We are aware of the current issue with webmail not showing up correctly for some accounts and are working to resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience with this and hope to have it fixed shortly.

Thanks, NamePlanet Support"

Which is useless, as Kate knows she deleted her mail - it is not a case of it going mysteriously missing.  Kate has used Nameplanet for 4 years, and is a Premium account holder (she actually pays for 100MB of storage)....But even this doesn't mean she's getting anything like reasonable customer support.

Can anyone help out there? Does anyone have a friend/contact than can help - even an actual phone number?