Niall Kennedy is joining Microsoft.

Best news I've heard in a while. Niall Kennedy is joining Microsoft.

That's Niall Kennedy

He's going to be helping the Windows Live team build an RSS / Atom based syndication platform for consumption across devices...

"I want RSS and Atom syndication technologies to be available anywhere, integrated as the background technology delivering new information when and where it matters most. Read your own personalized top news stories while waiting for the bus. Track your friends' Halo results anywhere. Pull the latest information off the corporate intranet and into an authoring application. Load your own niche content channel into your DVR. Update the art on your walls. I geek out on this stuff and could go on and on."

Niall joins us after taking a short break from work where he previously worked at Technorati. At Microsoft he's now a Program Manager tasked with putting together a team to develop on his vision - interesting to note he'll be working from the Microsoft Silicon Valley campus rather than moving up north to Redmond. There's plenty of smart syndication talent to tap into in SF...

Good luck Niall!!


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