Official: MSN Search Launched

Finally, MSN Search goes out of beta, to officially launched

From MSN Search blog:

"In conjunction with all this, MSN has launched a redesigned homepage. The page is streamlined, over 50% faster and showcases the new search functionality. This will give users a great place to start their search experience. Furthermore we’ve added the ability to access MSN Search from the homepage. "

A few reactions:

Be Successful Online:

"Personally, I'm pleased with my search results using this new search engine. I've been watching it spider my sites for awhile now in my server logs. I've had better luck getting new domains indexed sooner with this new MSN search engine than with Google. If you have a new domain, look for the About MSN Search link at the bottom of their search page, and follow it for instructions on how to submit your URL."

Search Engine Blog:

"MS say they want to boost awareness with their existing MSN audience first, and there's more search developments in store. To be fair, MSN know they are the underdog. This is the first step, aimed mostly at getting in the race and leveraging the existing audience."

Search Engine Watch details whats' new and whats' to come, comments:

"The core search engine is good and a welcomed new "search voice" in the space. However, it does not make a massive leap beyond what's offered by Google, Yahoo or Ask Jeeves -- the other three major search companies that provide their own voices of what's deemed relevant on the web."

John Battelle's Searchblog

"Like Yahoo before it, Microsoft can now embark on its own path, and I expect we'll see a lot of innovation coming out of Redmond. That's good for everyone. Welcome to the party (officially), MSFT! Now it gets interesting...."

Seattle Post Intelligencer

"The homegrown technology, under development for two years, is the centerpiece of an effort by Microsoft to catch up in an area in which the company acknowledges it has fallen dangerously behind. The release will test once again Microsoft's ability to recover effectively from a late start -- something the company has been able to do throughout its history.