OPML / Attention / claret coloured fish

Cori Schlegel reflects on the conversation Kevin and I had earlier this week:

"in light of Alex’s comments regarding OPML and attention, I thought I should clarify my thoughts as laid out in my previous post.

Alex brings up a really good point in the podcast about our OPML subscription lists being the most granular attention meta-data we really need to mine. I’d agree with him on some of his points; OPML offers a much better attention metric than what’s seems to be generally available now. I’d also agree that OPML is (almost) the only attention data that we have access to right now. In fact there are so few tools out there that can make use of your OPML to focus your attention that it’s tempting to see OPML as all we’ll ever need since when the tools catch up to the information to be mined in our OPML we’ll be so much further along than we are now.

I consider that to be a red herring."

Cori goes on to explain why he sees this as a claret coloured fish. Good thinking, I'll need to digest and respond soon.

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