OPML freaks

Raymond M. Kristiansen is an OPML freak. That's a good thing. Both Raymond and Christian are using OPML editor to publish their blogs. They are pioneering - it is not easy and they're feeling the pain involved in trying new stuff outKosso is doing the same. Raymond even created a screencast showing how he's using the OPML Editor and opmlmanager.com to get it all going.

Other OPML coolthings worth checking out are:

In the meantime, Raymond listened to the podcast I did with Kevin of Tailrank yesterday. Raymond mentions that Tailrank could do with some UI work. Kevin agrees, so if anyone thinks they could help out, let Kevin know.

I don't know if Cori Schlegel listened too, but he does not agree that OPML is up for the Attention.xml and attention data job. He could be right. We'll have to see.

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