opmlmanager.com - I like it a lot

I want to let you know of a brand
new OPML service that's gone 'tentatively live' but is worth checking
out if you are playing with OPML.

Created by Bernard Flach and Peter Overbleeke the service is called opmlmanager.com and I like it a lot. I've had problems with Dave Winer's OPML Editor
(I'm getting a fatal error, can't uninstall - I know there's a fix but
I can't be rss'd to fix it all) so this simple web-based OPML editing
and hosting service is just what I need right now (currently using notepad).

OPMLmanager.com editing

What I like about opmlmanager.com :

  • No software to install, purely web-based
  • Usable: right-click enabled, fast response, easy to 'get'
  • Dead easy to create an account and start playing (less than 1 minute)
  • Can import existing OPML files and can export edited files - its your data. Example: I've exported the finished OPML file and then imported to Bloglines so I can provide a user-friendly blogroll view
  • It hosts your OPML file, with easy urls (my OPML is now http://www.opmlmanager.com/opml/alexbarnett.opml) and provides stats (basic)
  • Outputs OPML Validatedcode :-) ...so it acts as a code cleaner too. One scenario for me
    is I collect RSS feeds using my aggregator and although the aggregator
    can export OPML (using FeedDemon) the code could be cleaner. So opmlmanager.com can do this cleansing job.
  • ¬†A picture named validated.gif
  • The file can be access without login hassles so can part of a distributed directory (such as subscription list or readinglist)
  • Peter
    and Bernard are (I think) from the cool city Antwerp (er, that's in
    Belgium folks, Europe) where my wife is from and where my son was born.
    Antwerp has more bars-per-capita than any other place in Europe :-) Update: they're from Netherlands, but hey, that's just north of Antwerp ;-)

More info at Peter's post.

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