O'Reilly's ASP.NET 2.0 Training Center

You can now get advice from top O'Reilly and Dr. Dobbs Journal experts and authors on the brand new ASP.NET 2.0 Training Center.

It is sponsored by Microsoft, but as Tim O'Reilly points out, it's not just ASP.NET pitch:

"What's particularly interesting is the way that Microsoft is reaching out to attract PHP, JSP and Cold Fusion developers.

...And rather than just the usual product pitches, they've actually asked us to provide information on interoperability between these various web programming toolsets."

Example. Here's article that describes a secure LAMP stack set up. Without a single reference to ASP.NET.  Btw, notice the extension of the webpages when you go to article pages on the site? Oh my giddy aunt- it's 'jhtml'! This used to be a big no-no for marketers at Microsoft. Looks like things are loosening up a little. At last.

Whatever next?

Cool news for Microsoft employees: this week Tommy let me know the entire online Safari Bookshelf is available to all full timers (FTEs). Sweet.


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