Others' thoughts on Attention

Craig Barnes of Attensa has posted some thoughts after hearing the Attention podcast I recorded with Nick and Kevin last week.

"Ideally we’d like to get online with Alex and explain what we have essentially already implemented that goes far beyond the discussion points in the podcast. While it has only been 6 months or so since we adopted the “attention” moniker to describe our technology, it is the foundation of what we have been doing for years."

Chris Craig, that would be great. - lets do it!

In a separate post, Chris shares his thoughts on my 20 thoughts on Attention:

"The more predictable data points the better for more useful attention streams. I would add structured blogging to the list as item #21.

...Alex also asked what I think about OPML. Hmmm. We are still undecided about OPML's importance other than a simple roll-up of information so we are not drinking the OPML Kool-Aid yet. Emphasis on "yet.""

Nick Swan has been considering the relationship between Attention and OPML:

"To be honest people probably don’t give a dam what I give my attention to. A lot of people however may be interested in what Robert Scoble and Dave Winer are reading. At the start of the morning you could fire up your attention reader, grab Robert and Dave’s attention files, let the application merge, match, and sort the data, and then get a list of posts sorted by attention.

...So where does SSE come into it?"

Good question...

Cori Schlegel shared his thoughts on the same 20 thoughts post. First Cori quotes me: " From the customer's perspective, the future value of Attention data does not lie in its monetization potential. At best this will turn out to be few dollars per year per user." and then goes on to say:

"I think this is a fact that Steve Gillmor missed when he was first agitating about attention; monetization seemed to be the key to attention to him, and I think it’s caused attention to start out headed in the wrong direction. In fact, I think that overall attention adoption has suffered as a result.

I think the only AttentionTrust approved service right now, Root Vaults , suffers the same problem. It’s model is centered on the dollars and cents economy around attention, and it feels (to me, at least) that it’s mostly about lead generation, and less about my attention data’s value to me."

Oliver Thyman joined the conversation too. In response to the examples I provided of what I consider Attention data is, Oliver wrote:

"Wonderful list and the cool thing is, I can now get my tagcloud, wishlist, books bought, blogroll, contacts, buddy lists, photo collections, playlists, bookmarks,

... ... ... Is there somebody that will give me a system that will mine these together and get some interesting stuff out of it for me?"



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