Plugins and Atom for Windows Live Writer

A few more links for you...

'Hirlpoo West' points out one of the two plugins Tim Heuer has already developed for Windows Live Writer - a plugin that makes it a doddle to insert Flickr images.

The other plugin Tim has developed is a Technorati tagging plugin.

Also, Danny Ayers should be pleased with the response that Joe Cheng of the Writer team provided to Danny's comment re: Atom publishing protocol (APP). According to Joe APP will be supported in the next release:

"Danny, we are planning to support APP in our next release. Anyone who wants to work with Blogger is going to have to since they are shutting off their Blogger API endpoint later this year.

It may take one day to implement but it takes a lot longer to verify it works with all the cranky blog platform implementations out there (although less so for APP if hardly anyone is implementing it yet!)."



Phil Wainewright describes Writer as 'Microsoft's first Live killer app'.