Podcast charging $ monkey *#$!f%! news

I suppose it was a no-brainer to predict that the Ricky Gervais podcast show was going to be a hit.

He's the other no-brainer: charging $7 (or £4.50) a month for the next series of podcasts is a show-stopper. (via hashdot).

Who thought of that? The monkey?


I don't get it. I heard there were over 3 million downloads for the first series. An unprecedented wonder-hit.

Ricky (as if he RSS ego-tracks), are you telling me you can't have a seriously (or at least reasonably) profitable ad-based revenue model with those kind of numbers? Don't make me laugh.


Update: 21 Feb 06: According to a different article, this time by CNET, Audible will charge $1.95 per episode or $6.95 for the season, not $7 as other articles have stated. Thanks to 'Dave' for pointing out.