Podcast feedback

David Swedlow has posted his reaction to a couple of podcasts he's been listening to that Joshua and I put together..

On the Structured Blogging podcast:

"But here's what I notice the most about this last podcast: no Attention! What the hell guys? Such a perfect setup too. Here's my take: Think Emergence, ala Steven Johnson, but do a mental find/replace of "pheromone trails for ants" with "attention trails for people."

David is right, we could have / should have pursued this Attention line of thinking.

Another comment about another podcast:

"Identity 2.0. In the prior podcast with the ID 2.0 guys, I think it was Kim who kept objecting that attention won't catch on because no one is going to make their whole attention cloud public. I almost fell out of my chair when he said this. That's the whole point of Identity 2.0! It renders obsolete the dominant meme in the culture that if something is captured and published, then someone else has it walled off in a garden somewhere with full identity info back to me -- I was surprised to hear ID2.0 gurus fall into this trap.

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