Reality Commercials...

By way of Steve Bowbrick, I came across Mark Cuban's idea: Reality Commercials.

"I would make commercials live productions.
Thats right, live commercials. Straight out of the 1950s .
Its not a technical challenge. Its easy.
Its not a creative challenge.
Its just more work. A lot more work. But the possibilities are endless. The mutations, intentional or otherwise are endless."

I liked the idea...But...

...then I realized we already have this, don't we? QVC. A lot of this shopping channel-style stuff is broadcast live (I know for sure they QVC stuff - I have a friend who makes the ocassional appearance advertising his company, Meditainment, on the UK channel. As he's presenting he has calls volumes relayed to him as he's doing the show and the occasional caller is put through).

Of the 71 comments so far, no has pointed this out. Now, if Mark means getting the big brands involved, then there maybe something in it. But really, how interesting can it be to a live 30 second slot talking about the miracles of Ajax (not that Ajax - although the latter would probably be quite good...). But to make them *remotely* interesting, I think the brands would need to take risks- the kin of stuff that has the potential to go wrong, very wrong.  The riskier, the better. 'Here's a gun I prepared ealier...' Now *that* I might stick around for.