Recording Skype call - can you help?

IanD wants to know:

"have been searching for ways to record skype calls for pocasts and its not as simple as it looks I saw Audio hijack pro for the mac would do it, is there a windows program like that? I looked at virtual wires but that wouldn't do it. Any ideas ? I am going to do a Windows Media Center podcast Ian"

Update: 5th March 2005

I found and got the following recipe to work:

1.Skype Options, Handset, disable Auto sound setting
2.Open Windows mixer, make sure Microphone is included. Unmute the microphone. Set low. Set Wave Out to the same level
3.Open another Windows Mixer for Recording, select Wave out mix. Set low.
4.Install Audacity with the Lame MP3 encoder
5.Set Audacity to 22Khz, 16 bit mono (or 12Khz)
6.Set MP3 encoding to 64K or 32K
7.Start Audacity recording
8.Use Skype to call Echo123 for testing.
9.Stop recording, check it and then Export to 10.MP3

I found this here and here.