(RSS + SSE) + OPML + Reading lists = Attention?

Steve Rubel has nice idea:

"What I would love to see in the coming months is a tool that uses SSE and reading lists to implement the wonderful features in Stumbleupon right inside an RSS reader.

Here's another way to picture it. What if users had a way inside their reader to publish an SSE-enabled RSS stream that pinged OPML (definition) reading lists around the world for feeds that match their own reading habits? Then that same feed could pull down the sources that most closely match the reader's preferences.

Technology like this will help users serendipitously feed surf for recommended blogs and news feeds yet limit overload by helping them be more targeted. This is the blogroll's future."

I'm not sure about the technical merit of this approach, but Steve's intended outcome and user experience is interesting: Use my feedreading attention data to bring me more relevant content. Yup.

Nick Swannick has been thinking along the same lines too.


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