RSS usability (again)

Robert is getting aggravated (aggregated?) by all the various RSS subscription logos cropping up everywhere.

I have all the logos on my blog (or a lot at least). Why? Because the vast majority of
those that use RSS don’t event know it
. I agree with Kevin here.

I use the generic XML logo for
the RSS feed plus the ‘My MSN’ and ‘MY Yahoo’ etc. icons for the vast
majority of RSS subscribers that see the syndicated world as a ‘my’
application. I even have a 'What is RSS?' link for the newbs.

This is a problem though and is already NOT solved as some suggest: saying IE7 will fix it is not the solution.

What would Jakob Nielsen say? Very little so far. So I ask again: Jacob Nielsen: what about RSS?

On the subject of RSS usability, here's a good article on the subject (have a read, because the above issue won't get solved for ages).