SyncToy for Windows XP, free download

Major Nelson spotted this free new SyncToy PowerToy at's Download Center.

I've just finished the set up and synchronized my laptop pic and mp3 files with my spanking new Buffalo Network Storage Center. It works. I'll do the same with the other laptop and the faimly desktop tomorrow to get to totally sync'd files across the home wireless network on the three machines and the network share. Geeky-bliss-heaven.

Corey, who's had a play seems pretty chuffed it to:

"A tool I wish I had only a few months ago before my hard drive died and lost the last 6 months of data. SyncToy from Microsoft for Windows XP, one of the best designed folder synchronization tools I have come across, and it's free. If I had this or something like it in place, I wouldn't have been out of date with my server backup. Now I know better." does J Wynia:

"I’ve been messing with Microsoft’s SyncToy (in the same category as the rest of their powertoys) for synchronizing and backing up files to my fileserver. So far, it actually looks pretty good and is probably the backup tool they should have just included in XP."

and Ed Bott:

"This is a marvelous little program, and it's free. Ironically, Walt Mossberg in tomorrow's Wall Street Journal reviews some commercial products that perform similar functions (subscription required; I'll update with a free link later). If you need a PC-to-Mac solution, one of those alternatives might make sense; otherwise, SyncToy should do the trick."

SyncToy description:

"Now there is an easier way. SyncToy is a free PowerToy for Microsoft Windows XP that provides is an easy to use, highly customizable program that helps users to do the heavy lifting involved with the copying, moving, and synchronization of different directories. Most common operations can be performed with just a few clicks of the mouse, and additional customization is available without added complexity. SyncToy can manage multiple sets of folders at the same time; it can combine files from two folders in one case, and mimic renames and deletes in another. Unlike other applications, SyncToy actually keeps track of renames to files and will make sure those changes get carried over to the synchronized folder."

SyncToy for Windows XP

Note: the SyncToy download page provides this following warning about support for SyncToy:

"We've taken great care to ensure that this tool operates as it should, but it is not part of Windows and is not supported by Microsoft Technical Support. For this reason, Microsoft Technical Support is unable to answer questions about SyncToy. To speak to other users and contribute feedback about your experiences with SyncToy, please use the forums accessible from the Professional Photography web site at ."

If you have any problems, try the Windows XP Photos Newsgroup.