The 'digital lifestyle' is great, if you can get the bloody thing to work.

I've held off getting one of these wireless 'Digital Media Receivers'...waiting for the early, early adopters to work through a couple hardware and software generations and therefore not needing a PhD in Networking to get one of these up and running.

Well, I succumbed last week and I picked up a second hand Netgear MP101 (second hand is good...if you get into troubleshooting mode it is good to know the device works).

Wireless Digital Music Player

After 2.5 days (minus sleep, working, eating, giving family attention) of network jigging/reconfiguring, software/firmware install/uninstalls/reinstalls/tweaks/products, combing through 100's of newsgroups, forums, blogs & comments, eliminating causes and then not being so sure, downloading & speed-reading support pages, troubleshooting guides, help & readme files, working though every convievable issue that you can possibly have trying to get one of these things running, and yes, dreaming about IP addresses, firewalls, & TCP/UDP ports, I finally got the damn thing to work as advertised.

Was the effort worth it? Well, it was infuriating, tragic and sad even, but now I've got the thing streaming music into our kitchen and lounge from the PC downstairs, I'm happy I went through the trauma. If there is one thing I've learnt in all this, is that the 'digital lifestyle' is great if you can get it to work. Getting it is the easy part. Getting it work easily, I mean plug-it-in-easy, is a long way off yet.