The RDF vs. OPML Attention data format contest

Danny's posted up a challenge for some xml freaks. He's pointed to a bunch of his Attention data collections (wishlists, foaf, blogroll, etc) and is handing out Bonus points for conversion to these into a single Attention file format in RDF:

"Anyhow the tool will go and get these documents, transform as needed, then load them all into a single RDF model and dump the RDF/XML as a single file. Bonus points #1 - grab all the attention files of people appearing in my FOAF, merge and dump into a second file. Bonus points #2 - make a nice little renderer (SPARQL+XSLT might be sweet), Bonus points #3 - a little HTML form-based page to create the sources Turtle file."

A bit stingy is Danny...I'll give 20 Bonus points if they can do the same for a single OPML play. ;-) ...btw, including a namespace is ok, but no bonus points on offer for that.

Tags: Attention, RSS, OPML, RDF, XML, attention.xml, bonus tag: whathehellisallthisabout

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