The Search, by John Battelle

Just picked my copy of the The Search by John Battelle.

Here's my review: it has a red and white cover, the title's word 'Search' uses the Google font & pallete and it weighs about a pound, with 27 references in the index to Microsoft and 16 to MSN.

For a slightly more insightful review see this post at the MediaChannel:

"Battelle's book
shows how search is pushing technology toward the dream of artificial
intelligence. He explains how thousands of small businesses thrive and
die by the quirks of search-engine algorithms, and details how an
unorganized consortium of nonprofits, bloggers and corporations are
rebuilding the Library of Alexandria in a digital, distributed and
democratic form.

Battelle, who
launched one of the internet's seminal business magazines, The Industry
Standard, and co-founded Wired magazine, is certainly qualified to tell
the story of how pure search triumphed over bloated portals and in the
process revitalized the dream of a revolutionary wired world."

The Harvard Business School also does a slightly better effort at reviewing the new book by John Battelle.